Richard Cornish


Richard Cornish

Richard Cornish is the instructor of the “HTML & CSS Honors” course.

Rich is a product designer at Next Health Choice, a digital healthcare startup dedicated to improving and automating the medical procedure experience for patients. He teaches a Meetup for beginning Python web development students, and has volunteered to mentor for organizations such as Django Girls, Dev Bootcamp, and The Starter League. He has been coding HTML and CSS for more than 10 years.

Rich earned his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he taught information design to undergraduate students.

He is thrilled to empower and inspire young people to use technology to create things that will have a positive impact on others. This is his first year instructing for CTD.

Howard Robinson

Teaching assistant

Howard Robinson

Howard Robinson is the teaching assistant of the “HTML & CSS Honors” course.

Howard is an anthropology and religious studies student at DePauw University, where his interest in technology lets him create the websites of student organizations and groups. Howard graduated top five in his high school class and was winner of the Four-Year Full Tuition Scholarship Posse for DePauw. He was recipient of the Enough Chicago Scholarship and his writing has been published in TrueStar Magazine.

Howard hopes to learn about new technology, new methods of teaching, and what it takes to teach technology in a modern American institution. He is excited to help make the learning experience for students as engrossing and worthwhile as possible.

He loves working with robotics and gaming on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.